the Product Line

Nanepashemet Boats line of boats includes....
  • Herreshoff Columbia Tender - 12 1/2'
  • Matinicus 14' Peapod - 14'
  • Weetamoo 17' Canoe - 17'
  • Alpha Dory - 18'
  • Marblehead Gunning Dory -18'
All except the Weetamoo are equipped for sail.

The Gunning Dory has an 8hp Honda 4 stroke option as well as oars and sail.

The boats are available in a turnkey package with oars, sails, fishing options, life preservers, battery powered GPS and fishfinder, and trailers.

Ordering Information

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John Nestor
Marblehead, Massachusetts

Thank you for your interest in Nanepashemet Boats.